Semikem doo, Sarajevo is private family business company founded in 1989. Company enjoys long tradition as being one of first registered companies for production, distribution, placement and trade of quality products for medicine, pharmacy, veterinary, heavy industry, agriculture, small and medium manufacturers and general use.

Since company was founded it has invested the effort in development and synthesis of high quality, precise products with acceptable price adapted to challenges of market. Accordingly, in addition to company's own product range, Semikem doo is exclusive distributor of high quality products intended to help scientists, physicians, pharmacists throughout Bosnia&Herzegovina and Balkans  to confront the challenges in laboratory and in field.

Semikem doo believes in initiative policy in building network of partnerships with clients and buisness associates with common goals: promotion of health, science advancement and quality of living. From routine analysis to new discoveries, we offer and help professionals to do what they need and how they want it. Our range of laboratory reagents, laboratory equipment chemicals, supplies for science and medicine, industry and everyday life assist our partners to meet and deal with challenges imposed by analysis, promote diagnostics and enhance laboratory productivity.


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