Semikem doo is definite to produce and offer quality products that meet customer's needs and, if possible, to exceed customer's expectations.


Our policy of quality is:


• Our products are manufactured according to good laboratory practice, legal procedures and norms compatible with rules of certification.
• Our products are result of work made by highly qualified young proffesionals trained and educated in applied science: medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry and technology.
• Semikem doo takes care that our staff is continually educated and trained in given segments of their activity.
• Company provides safe working environment to its staff and surroundings.
• Our distributors are certified and quality evaluated, reliable and valued manufacturers recognized internationally.
• Our policy is accepted by our clients and customers.
• Rule is to rationally and responsibly use and maintain materials, energy and resources.
• Semikem doo operates according to EU Directives accepted by legislation in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
• Semikem doo policy is to prevent and minimalize negative effects to the environment.
• Standardization is done with ISO certification and is integrated  in buisness polcy of Semikem doo.


This policy represents guarantee that oblige Semikem doo for continuous improvement of intergrated system policy according to demands of ISO certification.


 Intenational Certification Network

UNICERT                                                                                    UNICERT

ISO 9001:2015                                                                                                   ISO 14001:2015